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The Production Digital Printing Industry
Green Harbor Publications was founded in 2001 by Jim Hamilton, a market research and printing industry analyst who after a 22-year career with Keypoint Intelligence InfoTrends, is now an independent industry consultant covering the production digital printing industry.

Jim serves as Consultant Emeritus for Keypoint Intelligence InfoTrends’ Business Development and Production consulting services. In this role, he supports consulting services in the areas of production digital printing, wide format signage, labels & packaging, functional & industrial printing, production workflow & variable data tools, document outsourcing, digital marketing & media, customer communications, and business development.

While working as a Group Director for InfoTrends, Jim wrote many blogs and recorded more than 100 print sample videos. He was also frequently asked to speak on camera about various industry developments and events.

Earlier in his career Jim worked for Linotype (later Linotype-Hell). In that role he produced a set of documents known as the Linotype-Hell Technical Information Series. These are now available via the Green Harbor Publications web site.

Jim is an amateur historian who most recently completed a book on his grandfather’s World War I ambulance unit, the Black Cats of Amherst.

Jim is a board member of the Museum of Printing in Haverhill, MA and manages the Museum of Printing's Twitter account.

You can contact Jim by e-mail and follow him on Twitter @jrhinfotrends. His LinkedIn profile provides additional information on his professional background.

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