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The Writing 69th
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The Writing 69th tells the story of a group of journalists, including Walter Cronkite and Andy Rooney, who covered the 8th Air Force in World War II. In February of 1943, the eight men of the Writing 69th took part in a training program sponsored by the United States Eighth Air Force. The goal was to prepare the men to accompany a high-altitude bombing mission against Germany.

On February 26, 1943, the members of the Writing 69th boarded B-17 and B-24 bombers and participated in an attack on Wilhelmshaven, Germany. The B-24 containing Robert Post of the New York Times was shot down and he died along with eight of the crewmembers.
About the book
The Writing 69th is a 172-page, 8.5 x 11, soft cover book that includes 43 black & white photographs and illustrations. The book has a full index plus an appendix with additional information. It includes accounts by journalists, military participants (both American and German), and German civilians. Military history enthusiasts as well as veterans and their children will appreciate this book.
About the cover
The nationally-known digital collage artist, Dorothy Krause, did the artwork on the color cover. The journalist shown on the cover is Robert Post. He is pictured with a B-24 bomber. The background includes a map of Wilhemshaven, Germany and a letter that Franklin Roosevelt wrote to Post's widow.
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