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Random Spam e-Mail Title Haiku Generator
Devoted to the creation of found poetry from spam e-mail titles.

The generator picks spam e-mail titles at random (two five syllable and one seven syllable) from spam e-mail messages that were received at Green Harbor Publications over the years. Please note that no changes have been made to the spelling, capitalization, or punctuation. These are the e-mail titles exactly as they were received. No line will be repeated within a haiku, but after you have created a few new random haikus you will notice some repeated lines in subsequent poems. Though the generator has numerous five-and seven-syllable lines to choose from, the chance of one of them repeating over a series of a few poems is relatively high. Our thanks to Charlie Hamilton who crafted the script that makes this possible. If you enjoy this, you may also want to see your Spam e-Mail Title Haiku Fortune.

If you create a random haiku that you find particularly amusing, please send it to us and we will post it here.

Here are some examples:

It can't hurt to try
Time is Running Out!

Live happier life
Show her who the real man is
Get a cheap divorce

Christmas gifts you bought?
Professional packaging
Best weapon of love

The best things in life
Leave a lasting impression
Double your Bankroll

This is important
Will you be my Valentine?
Several vacancies

replica for you!
Don't wait another minute
It's incredible!

Get me out of debt
Too much selling happening
But you is all right

Need Medication?
Doping for machos

Your answer is here
For heroic manliness
Atlantic City

Is crysis over?
I Have Found The Next Monster
How prepared are you?

You Made The Right Choice!
Intensify your love life
Give your partner joy

You have 1 message
It Could be a Big Bounce Play
Time to play the bounce

Be free in your dreams
Change your life by reading this.
When the lights go off

Watch it grow bigger
This Company could explode
Ready to Uptrend

Be the greatest guy
Can you have joy for hours?
Well, then, it shant be

Long time not see you
Hey, you forgot about me?
Waiting for photos

I feel that you need
Printing of High Quality
Let's get acquainted

Response Requested
She wants excellent love nights
Workouts for Women

It's the best for your body
Eliminate Weight

This is what you need!
This is better than EBay
secure transaction

Lord of the Jungle
I may not come back alone
Reese Witherspoon says

Sarahs my first name
My name is Mr. Patrick
what is going on

Can she rock your world
make your Asian dreams come true
Start your Research Now

New message for you
Forgot about his mistress?
Well, that let me out

Hi! This is Shonta
Is it me you looking for
Flatten your tummy

Be an Alpha Male.
It is time to be aman
Change your life today

My dear - come to me.
I want to become a bride
Now you're not alone

Excellent soft place
Your Federal Tax transaction
Makes you look younger

email massaging
your woman will be happy!
I'm sure that will help

Earn big by playing
Be number 1 in her heart
that's our proposal

For all my fellows
Jennifer Aniston says
Be her love tycoon

I want to say that
You give my life a meaning

Love can be brighter!
Fantastic gains guaranteed
let's work together.

Make your gf pleased
Did she say that loves you? :)
Just like I promised

What you're gonna get
Great timepieces one low price
Your answer is here

Girls looking for love
From Farouk Kazim

I feel that you need
My new experiences
Let me be your coach

Steal My Heart Away
It's definitely worth it
Let's communicate

Reinvent Your Style
No more limited vigor
Man's charm is hardness

Her message to you
Life is for satisfaction
You Get What you Give

Waste no further time
Attention - Read Carefully!
Keep women smiling

Regarding your personals
you look amazing

It's time to buy gifts!
christmas sale 20%
Monthly promotions

Diamond in the rough
You will be the chick magnet
Make your love life rich

We have everything
Be a passionate sinner
Don’t save on your health

Rachel Ray secret
Stop feeling like a loser
Live your dreams today

Be cool, think different
You will be the chick magnet
Lord of the Jungle

She will stare at you
Dreaming of better manhood?
Make her love you more

Are you smart and fast?
Ellen DeGeneres says
Who's Interested?

Anne Hathaway says
Want a good bang for the buck?
Replica Watches

Why wait to be rich?
Play a quick hand of blackjack
You should collect now

Her message to you
Open the door with this key
You requested it

Your answer is here
No Fear, No Falls, Just Rehab
Change your life today

Class and elegance
Make that your girl was happy!
Girls will be happy!

Want a promotion?
Our product can make you brisk
This is what you need!

This will change your life
This is going to be huge
fantastic future

what is going on
I remember about you! :)
please get back to me

Waste no further time
Make your childhood dreams come true
Check how much you won

Does enhancing help?
Does Your Watch Make You Look Good?
Are you smart and fast?

Time waits for no man
You don't want to miss these deals
r u online now?

Anne Hathaway says
I may not come back alone
Plans for the day's end

I feel that you need
A Watch with a Distinct Style
This will change your life

Cartier Watches
Great timepieces one low price
Your best offer yet

Half Off all items!
Start your collection today
Holiday discount!

Her message to you
Hit your ideal weight today
Waste no further time

Please get back to me !!!
You will be the chick magnet
will be like iron!

I feel that you need
Fast way to become macho
Fire up the night

Why wait to be rich?
Wealth is just one step away
Let me be your coach

Stop - Snoring tonight!
It Is Sounding the Alarms
Very good from men !!

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