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Here are some recommended World Wide Web links:

Yahoo's Find a Person
This started out as Switchboard's Find a Person, but now the feature is available on Yahoo. If you are trying to find someone and only have their name, this is the place to start. Its like having the entire U.S. phone directory at your fingertips. I found the son of one of the surviving crew members this way. Searching is easier if the person you are looking for has an usual name or if you know a home town or state.

Damon Rarey's Laughter and Tears
Before his death in 2002, Damon Rarey compiled a book of cartoons that his father, Captain George Rarey, drew during his tenure as a P-47 pilot in the 379th Fighter Squadron. The www.rareybird.com web site seems to have gone off-line. It's too bad because it was great. The book is great too. If you can find a copy of Laughter and Tears, you should buy it. The link to Rarey's own web site is there, but there is no further mention of Laughter and Tears.

Windows for Remy
Windows for Remy is a non-profit organization whose purpose was to raise money to restore the stained glass windows of a church in Remy, France. The windows were destroyed during an attack by the 383rd Fighter Squadron on a German munitions train. There is much more to this story, so have a look.

Dad's War
This site, subtitled Finding and Telling Your Father's World War II Story, provides some good advice for anyone researching a relative's World War II past.

Amazon search page
It is ironic, but finding used books is one of the best uses of the Worldwide Web. In my research I have looked for and found obscure books published in the forties or fifties. You can easily search by author or title and find inexpensive second hand books. When I started, one of my favorite places to look for used books was Bibliofind. It has since been taken over by Amazon.

The 303rd Bomb Group home page
The 303rd Bomb Group participated in the mission on February 26, 1943. This site is an excellent testimonial to the men of the 303rd.

The Memphis Belle
The crew of the Memphis Belle participated in the mission on February 26, 1943. This site includes information on the Memphis Belle and also the 91st Bomb Group. The pilot of the Memphis Belle, Robert Morgan, recently wrote a book called "The Man Who Flew the Memphis Belle". It is available through the Memphis Belle PX.

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