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This links page has been updated to reflect new information and sources that have become available in the years following the publication of The Writing 69th:

Damon Rarey's Laughter and Tears
Before his death in 2002, Damon Rarey compiled a book of cartoons that his father, Captain George Rarey, drew during his tenure as a P-47 pilot in the 379th Fighter Squadron. The www.rareybird.com web site seems to have gone off-line. It's too bad because it was great. The book is great too. If you can find a copy of Laughter and Tears, you should buy it. The link to Rarey's own web site is there, but there is no further mention of Laughter and Tears.

Dad's War
This site, subtitled Finding and Telling Your Father's World War II Story, provides some good advice for anyone researching a relative's World War II past.

The 303rd Bomb Group home page
The 303rd Bomb Group participated in the mission on February 26, 1943. This site is an excellent testimonial to the men of the 303rd.

The Memphis Belle
The crew of the Memphis Belle participated in the mission on February 26, 1943. This site includes information on the Memphis Belle and also the 91st Bomb Group. The pilot of the Memphis Belle, Robert Morgan, recently wrote a book called "The Man Who Flew the Memphis Belle". It is available through the Memphis Belle PX.

Cars, Tanks, and Airplanes of WWII
This site provides a concise summary and link recommendations on this topic.

A final recommendation: Facebook has become a central gathering place for descendants of military men and women who are looking for information on their ancestor. There are many such pages, but one with particular relevance to the 8th Air Force is the one created for The 8th Air Force Historical Society. You will also find many that are tied to the individual bomb groups. Please note that some of these groups are private, and require you to be approved to join. This is an easy and no-cost step, but assures that everyone who is active in the group has acknowledged that they will follow the rules imposed by the moderators.

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