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Other Green Harbor Publications Work
Green Harbor Publications Research
Research projects covering topics such as spam e-mail, beer consumption, and vehicular cell phone use

Spam e-Mail Title Haiku and Other Poetry
Including the Random Spam e-Mail Title Haiku Generator, the Spam e-Mail Title Haiku Fortune Teller, and two books: Hello, My Gentle Sun, Let's Talk and The Haiku Year.
Both books are available through Lulu.

The Linotype-Hell Technical Information Series
Produced in the early 1990s, these articles cover a range of graphic arts topics

From Microsoft Word to Print
A 2001 guide to self-publishing using Microsoft Word 95/97

Nude Beach Sketchbook
An 8-page illustrated essay

Hamilton Family Holiday Cards
A catalog of all of the holiday cards that Jim Hamilton has done since 1991

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