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The Linotype-Hell Technical Information Series
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  • Introduction
    Late in 1987 I took a job with Linotype, a company with a long history in typesetting. Linotype played an important role in the success of the desktop publishing revolution because its type library was licensed by Apple for the LaserWriter. Adobe PostScript was becoming a market standard, and with all these changes it was an exciting time to be part of the industry. I created and authored this series of articles which were used as a sales tool and a service benefit. When I left Linotype* at the end of 1994 I saved all of the Tech Info PDFs on a 44MB Syquest that I put in a box and forgot about for 18 years. In 2012 I sent the Syquest to a data recovery service (probably the only place that still has a Syquest drive today) and Voila!, here now is the past revisited. These PDFs are copyrighted material owned by Heidelberg. I asked for permission to post them and Heidelberg has granted it.
    I hope you find this collection interesting,
    Jim Hamilton
    Green Harbor Publications
    May 2012

    *Linotype had become Linotype-Hell after the merger with Hell Graphic Systems. I left Linotype-Hell after it was acquired by Heidelberg and became Heidelberg Prepress, a name you never hear any more because Linotype-Hell was simply absorbed into Heidelberg. The Linotype Library of fonts (see is now managed by Monotype.

    About the Series
    Notebooks were provided for the Linotype Hell Technical Information Series for 1992, 1993, and 1994. The files below are sorted by those years and include the indices, appendices, and a series called ‘Hot Tips & Late-breaking News’ that appeared during 1994.

    Many of the concepts that were illustrated in the series are dependent upon the resolution of the output device, the screen ruling, the screen angle, the screening method, the rosette structure, the scan resolution, etc. In many cases, this information simply is not visible when the file is turned into a PDF. In other cases, illustrations may have been stripped in manually rather than created digitally. And so, as you look through these digital articles you will undoubtedly come across empty holes or low-resolution images sometimes with the note “strip in supplied film here.” In these cases the original printed pieces are the best reflection of the documents intent.

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    Links to the Tech Info PDFs (by notebook)
    1992 (and prior) 1993 1994
    Many people contributed to the success of the Tech Info series. The one I’d like to thank first is Marion Mathison, who allowed me to take the germ of an idea and run with it. There were many others as well. In most Tech Info pieces there was an acknowledgement section at the end of the document. I’ve combed through those and have compiled a list of every person who was acknowledged. There are 178 in all (see the list below), some of whom were mentioned multiple times. Gus Barbuto, with fourteen mentions, topped the list followed by Ken Larsen and Eugene O’Brien, who were mentioned nine times each. David Klippel and Dennis Ryan rounded out the top five. David McDowell of Kodak, was the top non-Lino contributor with seven mentions. Also with seven mentions were Steve Beneduci, Ray Cassino, Marco Mularoni, and Bruce Roth. Jack Bruger, Don Giallanza, Georg Hollenbach, and Kevin Simms received six mentions. The list is in alphabetical order by first name. Unless otherwise noted, these are Linotype-Hell employees. Names with an asterisk were acknowledged at least four times.
    Al Liehr (3M)
    Alan Darling (Quad/Graphics)
    Alan Shelley
    Ari Shapiro (RIT student)
    Bernadette Murray (FlexOgrafx)
    Beryl Bridges (Zanders USA)
    Bill Evans (Manhattan Graphics)
    Bill Lutz
    Bill Stoesser (Stoesser)
    Bill Van Buskirk
    Bob Dowling
    Bob Gradl (Laminating Arts & Finishes)
    Bob Schaffel (Sprintout/Prof. Prepress Alliance)
    Brian Geiger
    Brian Lawler (Tintype Graphics)
    Brian Mandell
    Brian Ramsey (Codenoll Technology Corp.)
    Bruce Brenner
    Bruce Doscher
    Bruce Lehnert
    Bruce Roth*
    Bryon Ramseyer (Gamma One)
    Carol Abbott
    Carol Hassildine
    Carole Alexander
    Charles Saleski (GTI Graphic Technology)
    Chris Jackson (Harper House)
    Christine Leonard (Van Son Holland Ink)
    Christine Stella
    Chuck Cox (WYSIWYG)
    Chuck Weger (Elara Systems)
    Claus Gumz
    Dan Flores
    Dan Lorenzini
    Dan Makuta (GATF)
    Dani Herzka
    Danielle Beaumont
    Danny Johnson
    Danny Kita
    Dave Hester (VIP Systems)
    Dave Schultz (DuPont)
    David Hazlett (Kodak)
    David Klippel*
    David Maskell
    David McDowell (Kodak)*
    David Pankow (RIT)
    Debbie Britt
    Dennis Ryan*
    Don Giallanza*
    Donovan Deans
    Doug Papple
    Dr. Dieter Preuss*
    Dr. Eggert Jung
    Dr. Heinrich Wadle
    Dr. Jim King (Adobe)
    Edward Janusz (DELPHI)
    Erik Gibson (Adobe)
    Ernie Menkes (Pres-Tige Label)
    Eugene O’Brien*
    Frank Braswell (Systems of Merritt)
    Frank Cost (RIT)
    Frank Kupke
    Fritz Lott (W.R. Beamish)
    Georg Hollenbach*
    George Chernego
    Grant Ruiz (Adobe)
    Gus Barbuto* Gus Keysor
    Hans Gunter Leufer
    Hans Thiessen
    Ira Gold (Gold Associates)
    Jack Bruger*
    Jack Irving
    Janet Fleshman
    Janice Chenoweth
    Jay Friedland (Stoesser)
    Jean Schmitt
    Jeff Rosenberg
    Jerry Horn
    Jerry Willer (Kodak)
    Jim DeLaHunt (Adobe)
    Jim Gutierrez
    Jim Mauro
    Jim Tracey
    Jimmy Yellen
    Joel Friedman
    John Compton (RIT)
    John Cosme*
    John Flaherty
    John Fulena
    Jon Guerringue
    John Knickerbocker
    John McManus
    John Wigginton (L-HUG)
    Jordan Melick
    Karen Beneduci
    Kate Daniell (GEnie)
    Kathleen Tinkel (CompuServe)
    Kathy Hadden
    Ken Larsen*
    Kevin O’Leary
    Kevin Simms*
    Kim Crews (Hunter Associates Lab.)
    Kimberly Meyers
    Kip Smythe (NPES)
    Klaus Schaefer
    Larry D’Amico
    Larry Feller
    Larry Jones
    Larry Saenz
    Liane Biux
    Linotype-Hell Central Region sales team
    Lyndalee Maronna
    Marco Mularoni*
    Marilyn Berwind (Kodak)
    Mark Astmann
    Mark Carroll (Peerless Engraving)
    Mark Curby (MIT)
    Mark Jones (Ringier America)
    Mary Abbott (NPES)
    Marybeth Kramer (Stoesser)
    Michael Yoka*
    Mike Jeff (DuPont)
    Mike Steczak (GATF)
    Miles Southworth (RIT)
    Nancy O’Reilly*
    Nanette Staropoli (Champ Printing)
    Norma Alba
    Otmar Hoefer
    Pascal Calis
    Pat Powers
    Patrice Dunn (DDAP)
    Patrick White (White & Assoc.)
    Paula Witt (Hunter Associates Lab.)
    Peggy Marion
    Peter Lane
    Phil Hunt
    Ralph Boer
    Ray Cassino*
    Ray Prince (GATF)
    Rebecca Hauser (Adobe)
    Rich Leuenroth
    Richard Abate (Kwik Int.)
    Richard Auckland
    Richard Herbert (Pantone)
    Ricky Schreiber
    Robert Chung (RIT)
    Robert Gorrill (DELPHI)
    Robert Pelz
    Robert Teng (Adobe)
    Rodney Sigmon (GEnie)
    Ron Duff
    Sarah Çambel
    Scott Maidment
    Sherry Lynne Mann (DELPHI)
    Stan Posner (Applied Graphics Technology)
    Stephanie Adams*
    Sterling Ledet (Ledet & Assoc.)
    Steve Beneduci*
    Steve Byers
    Steve Carlsen (Adobe)
    Steve McMath (Whitecoat Imaging)
    Steve Neveroski
    Steve Ting
    Steve Zilles (Adobe)
    Sue Sarwark
    T. Craig Smith (America Online)
    Ted Cooper
    Tim Gleaves (CBM Type)
    Tim Kirkland
    Tim Roth (Aldus)
    Tony Lambert
    U.S. Wassan
    Vern Kellie*
    Vickie Matus
    Vince Rampulla
    Walter Ullrich*
    Wolfgang Boppel

    Copyright 1991-1994, Linotype-Hell
    Jim Hamilton if you have any questions